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Welcome to the IVOA newcomer session!

We are happy that you join in to our introduction to the IVOA. In the following part of the newcomer’s session we want to give you an overview about the VO standards, how they are connected, and how they are connected to the Working Groups. We hope this will make it easier for you to slip into IVOA jargon and to get into the work flow of the Interop meetings.

Part 1 of the tutorial

will introduce to some of the VO standards following a multimessenger use case from the user’s perspective.

Part 2 of the tutorial

will show selected steps of the 1st part tuorial from the perspective of the dataprovider. The question here is: what does it need from the perspective of a dataprovide to enable the user experience of part 1 ?

The full material of the sessions is available in the github repository linked to this page here. You can access it by following the above link under the main header of this page. The main steps will be covered by this PDF

Again, we welcome you to the IVOA!